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About US

We are the professional veteran camping tent manufacturer with more than 15 years long history since the year of 2004, we offer you all types of camping tents ranged from small dome tents to the large cabin tents and the four seasons mountain tents as well as many other types of tents like party tent, gazebo, screen house, etc., we can even custom tailor make any tent as per your request and specification, we design, develop, make, offer and sell all our camping tents and outdoor gears directly from our own Camppal factories to the gloabal outdoor market.

Camppal was created and born from the founder Mr. Luke Huang and his team who have the great passion and deep love for the outdoor camping and adventure, Camppal is greatly inspired and lived up to be your best outdoor camping companion which you can count on whenever and wherever you go for outdoor camping and adventure, as a global outdoor brand, we are gaining more and more international brand recognition, we are fully commited ourselves to far exceed the customer’s expectation and we will be dedicated to make it becomes the internationally recognized global outdoor brand for all the outdoor enthusiasts, lovers, fans, campers, hikers, adventurers worldwidely.

Camppal is created to accompany with your outdoor camping, Camppal is your best outdoor camping companion!

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