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  1. March 19, 2019

    The exciting and challenging trip to Tibet

    This is a very exciting and challenging adventure trip to Tibet, we really do enjoy a lot of fun in our journey, we also went through the challenges to climb up and camp on the snowy Mount Everest, and it is also a very good real field testing…
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  2. March 14, 2019

    Enjoy mountain climbing and camping with Camppal mountaineering tents on the snowy Everest Mount

    Recently, we took an adventure trip to Tibet, we climbed to the Mount Everest and camped there with our own mountaineering tents, in fact, this is a very good real field testing for our mountaineering tents, they all stood for the cold windy and…
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  3. March 13, 2019

    Tips for choosing the right tent for you

    You probably have searched around and looked for the tent you want, you are probably still not quite satisfied for the tents you have checked through so far that is why you come to look up my tent, well, first of all, I would like to tell you…
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  4. September 27, 2018

    Camppal camping field

    We would like to show you around our own nice Camppal camping field, we hope you like it and enjoy camping in our camping field ^-^…
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  5. July 29, 2018

    Enjoy outdoor camping adventure trip with Camppal tent

    Enjoy outdoor camping adventure trip with Camppal tent, we just would like to show you some nice photos from our valued customer and friend Kenshin Rurouni from Laloveni, Moldova, we hope you enjoy viewing and love these very beautiful…
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  6. September 06, 2017

    Escape the city life to enjoy outdoor camping with Camppal tent

    We just uploaded an vedio in our youtube channel, you can click here to enjoy watching on it.
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  7. August 19, 2017

    Seek International Business Cooperation

    We seek the international cooperation, we are looking for the international reseller, distributor, or the store owner who are interested in selling our products, as we are selling our products into the global outdoor market, we do need the the…
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  8. August 19, 2017

    Production and warehouse & team and cooperation

    We would like to show you a bit about us regarding our production lines, administration team & colleagues as well as our global cooperation partners and big warehouse as well.
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  9. August 18, 2017

    Invitation for field tester and welcome for suggestion

    As an open interactive platform, we always welcome more interaction with us, now we would like to invite field tester for our camping tents and gears, as we believe that our camping tents and camping gears are good enough to meet the market…
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  10. August 17, 2017

    How our tents differentiate from the others?

    As a professional veteran tent developer, designer, maker and expert with more than 15 years long, we really do know everything indept about how a really good quality tent should be, however, we must have to admit that there are quite some of the…
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