As a backpacker, if you are looking for a high quality sturdy backpacking tent and you don’t have a budget problem, you can just go ahead to try with those American brands like MSR, Marmot, Big Agnes, etc., usually, they will charge on you for $300-$500 for a tent they offer to you, or if you can afford a tent more than $500 to $1000, then the top Swedish brand like Hilleberg might be your choice or even the most expensive Canadian top brand Arc’teryx which could cost you a fortune, however, if you don’t have enough budget with your purchase for the tent, or just don’t want to spend so much money to buy a so call branded tent like the ones we just mentioned, but you do just need to look for a really good quality tent with the best money value, then, Camppal will be your best wise choice, the majority of tents out there in the market are simply just the medicore tents which you can ignore them, as a professional tent maker and expert with near 20 years long history, we know in depth about the tent, we know what a really good quality sturdy tent was supposed to be, we know there are many medicore brands which might make you feel rather confused, funny enough, you probably also find many exactly same or similar tents which even have different brands, as those medicore tents makers are making and selling the same tents to different brands on the market place, anyway, please note that there is still big difference between Camppal and those medicore brands in terms of the quality, workmanship, feature and performance, etc., we hope you can open your eyes widely to watch out carefully when you look for a tent from the tent market.

Anyway, a tent is to be used outdoor, when you use a tent from those medicore brands and encounter an unexpected extreme weather, you will probably have the leaking problem when there is a thunderstorm with downpower, your tent will probably be collapsed under a big windy weather, or you will feel very cold when you camp in a deep cold snowy winter. How to avoid these problems? The answer is simple and clear, only the Camppal tent can meet your need for your outdoor camping and guarantee 100% complete satisfaction for your outdoor camping! You do just need a really good quality sturdy tent like Camppal tent, we can just reassure you that you will have no problem if you use our Camppal tent to camp outdoor year around through the four seasons, you will be happy with your purchase from us, as we will not only offer you the really good quality tent but also provide you with the really professional excellent customer service to meet your demand and even far exceed your expectation from us, we either make you happy with your purchase from us or you can just get your money back with no question and reason asked.

In fact, we are also the avid outdoor campers and backpackers, we love outdoor camping, we have the deep love and great passion for the outdoor camping and our Camppal tents, we use our own camppal tents in our outdoor camping, so, we know what a really good quality tent should be to stand for the extreme weather, as we are the users for our own Camppal tents by ourselves, actually, each of our Camppal tent is developed, designed and made by us who are also the tent developer, designer and user, we keep in mind for everything a backpacker and camper needs during the process of developing, designing and manufacgturing the Camppal tents, so, everything you expect from us, we have put them into our consideration and have included every concern and expection from a backpacker and camper when we develop, design and make a tent for you, eventually, we even far exceed your expectation to satisfy all your needs completely in your outdoor camping with Camppal tent.

As our brand Camppal advocates, Camppal is your best outdoor camping companion, you can always count on us whereever and whenever you go for outdoor camping, as a customer driven and camping oriented outdoor brand, we are dedicated to offer you the high quality tent with the best money value to meet your need and even far exceed your expectation, we hope you will enjoy your outdoor camping with our Camppal tent.

Camppal is your best outdoor camping companion! Go camping with Camppal tent!