As a professional veteran tent developer, designer, maker and expert with more than 15 years long, we really do know everything indept about how a really good quality tent should be, however, we must have to admit that there are quite some of the tents available in the market place are simply not up to the high quality standard, as they were mass produced and sold out there, as for those tents makers and sellers, they are more concerned about how many tents they could sell to the market instead of how good the quality they should keep up to offer to you, some of them probably still don't know what the really high quality tent should be.

Actually, the most important thing to be a high quality tent is the material especially the fabric of tent must be the really high quality, say, the fabric need to be treated with fire retardance standard of CPAI-84, this is a must, or your life will be in danger in case the tent is burnt in fire outdoor unexpectedly, besides, as the tent is used outdoor, the water proofing ability must be good enough to stand for the outdoor heavy raining weather, usually, the water resistance value should be at least up to 2000mm, as you can see most of our mountain tents are with water proofing value up to 4000mm and some even to 5000mm, anyway, at very least, the water resistance value should be more than 1000mm - 1500mm, otherwise, you will have the leaking problem when it rains heavily.

Besides, if it is too windy when you camp outdoor, then the fabric of tent must be made with the rip stop woven to against the strong blowing wind hit on the tent heavily, in another word, it must stand for the heavy strong wind blowing from any direction under the unexpected bad windy weather.

Furthermore, the pole construction of tent must be sturdy and strong enough to stand firmly and securerly under any unexpected changable bad outdoor weather condition and circumstance, usually, we will use the aluminium pole for the mountain tent and steel pole for the family frame cabin tent.

For some higher top quality tents, the coating on the fabric of tent will require event coating and the aluminium pole will need to be made by DAC pole, zipper will be YKK and sewing thread will be Coats or Amann, of course, these will belong to the really top quality mountain tent like those top branded tents or trailer tent like Combi-Camp trailer tent we have been making near 15 years long,  we will not address it in here.

Anyway, the high qulity of material of tent is the key to ensure the high quality tent, the good sewing and taping of tent is also very important to ensure the final high quality tent, anyway, we know everything about how a really high quality tent should be, and we can reassure you that every tent from us is made from the selected high quality fabrics and poles, it is also with high quality sewing workmanship to ensure the final really high quality tent for you, your satisfaction is 100% completely guaranteed, you can just count on us for any tent you purchase from us, so you can just shop any tent you need from our webstore with confidence and ease.