If you are looking for a tent for yourself, I just would like to give you some advice and tips  detailed as below: 
When you need to buy a tent right for yourself, please do think about how many persons you need your tent to accommodate with and where you will need to use your tent for your outdoor camping as well as under what outdoor weather condition you will use your tent, etc., 

First, if yourself alone will need to use a tent,  a single one person dome tent will be fine unless you want to have a bigger space for yourself, if you need extra space for yourself to place your luggage and other things, then, a two persons dome tent would make you feel more comfortable and spacious, if you would go outdoor camping with your friend, then, a two persons dome tent should be fine, but, if you and your friend need extra space, then, a three persons tent would be more suitable to allow extra space for other stuffs like luggages, shoes, etc.,  

If you need to go with a group people, you will need the large cabin tents, a large cabin tent usually is with multiple separated rooms for more people to stay in, of course, it will still depend how many persons for your group, you will need to match up with the right cabin tent and the numbers of persons you need to accommodate with. 

Besides, you also need to consider about what kind of the outdoor weather condition you will need to face with, usually, there are two different types of tents, one is three seasons tent, another is four seasons tent, there is a big difference between them, a three seasons tent is usually for the leisure and recreational outdoor activities, while a four seasons tent is usually for the mountaineering and even outdoor camping under windy and rainy weather. 

Anyway, which tent would be right for you, it depends on where and how you will use your tent, sometimes, you probably need different tents to be used in different locations and conditions, it's all up to your need to use it under the kind of outdoor activity destination and its weather condition.