As an open interactive platform, we always welcome more interaction with us, now we would like to invite field tester for our camping tents and gears, as we believe that our camping tents and camping gears are good enough to meet the market demand and challenge, we would like to invite any field tester from all over the world to see how well our camping tents and gears will be, so, if you are an experienced veteran camper and adventurer and would be interested in testing our products, please just feel free to contact us, we would like to provide the free tents for your field testing, as a reward for your field testing, the tents will be provided to you free of charge, however, as an exchange, we expect your test report with full relevant details for our tents and gears, we also need the relevant pictures and videos for your actual field testing, we also expect you to share your field testing in the social media like facebook or instagram, etc., especially if you are a KOL(Key Opinion Leader) in outdoor camping, we would appreciate it very much for your sharing and contribution, anyway, if you are willing and able to accept this condition as our field tester, please just feel free to contact us at your early convenience.

Meanwhile, if your field testing and test report will provide the true value and even could give us your constructive suggestion, we will not only provide the free tents and gears for your testing but also would be willing to further give you more added bonus like discount coupon for your order from us or free gifts and even more rewards to you if you really could provide us with better more added value.