You probably have searched around and looked for the tent you want, you are probably still not quite satisfied for the tents you have checked through so far that is why you come to look up my tent, well, first of all, I would like to tell you honestly that you have finally come to the right place to look for the tent, we offer mainly for the tent, tent is our specialized item, you just can’t find a better tent than ours in terms of its quality, workmanship, feature and performance, as well as its money value, etc., as a professional tent maker, we have been making tents for 15 years long, we have made thousands of tents for our clients world widely, if you do look for a tent, you can just count on us completely with ease and confidence.

As a professional tent maker and expert, we have been developing, designing and making thousands of tents for the global outdoor market, based on our past long rich experiences, I just would like to give you some tips when you need to make a purchase for a tent.

First, when you need to purchase a tent, you need to see how many persons you want to have the tent to accommodate, if only yourself alone who will use the tent, I would like to suggest to you to think about the one single person tent like our mountain tent series such as MT051, MT060, MT067, etc., especially if you are a backpacker, hiker, biker and mountain climber, these three mountain tent for one single person will best fit for you, if you would prefer the lighter weight  and easier and faster set up of the tent, MT051 would be more suitable to you, if you prefer more securer and sturdy tent like MT060 & MT067, both of these two one single person tent will be more suitable for you, if you are a biker, I would like to suggest you to take MT067, as we have specially designed the front door to be used as canopy when you open and hold it with a stick, you can use this extra space as the storage for your bike as well.

However, if you need more space inside the tent, even you will be the only one who will use the tent by yourself, you can choose the two persons tent for extra space, then, you can sleep in the tent more comfortably and have more extra space for your luggage, backpack, clothes and personal stuff, etc.

If you will go with someone else in two persons, you can think about our two persons tents like MT058, MT057, MT052, MT053, MT054, MT056, MT059, MT068, MT027, MT015, etc., these are all the two persons tents for you, you will have much fun to enjoy your outdoor camping with your partner, buddy, girl friend or boy friend and beloved one with all these two persons tents for your two persons privacy space.

If you go with three persons together, MT066 is definitely the best choice for you, this is also the best seller item, it is the best money value and worth for every dollar you spend for it.

FYI, we can reassure you that each tent is made from the finest selected tent fabric, pole and accessories, etc., we even use the anti tearing rip stop fabric to make it more wind proofing to stand for the windy weather, we also use the very high water proofing value up to 3000MM to 5000MM to ensure the fabric especially the outer fly has the best water proofing ability to prevent the water from entering the tent even in the big rainy weather, as for the pole construction, we have designed every tent to be sturdy to ensure the secure and sturdy tent for you to sleep and stay in the tent safely and comfortably.

If you go camping with your family members, you better take our family tent like FT016, FT019, FT020 and FT038, these family tents are all the large cabin frame tents with multiple rooms for you to accommodate up to 6-12 persons, you can see how many persons you need and then select them accordingly.

If you just use the tent for your own backyard and garden, we just would like to recommend the screen house(SHT008) or party tent(GT004), both are mainly for the outdoor leisure and partying.

No mater which tent you pick from our full series of tents, you can always count on us with the quality, workmanship, feature and performance of our tents, you even don’t need to worry about the after sales service, we can just reassure you with the best quality and workmanship as well as our excellent customer service for your guarantee complete satisfaction.

I wish you have a pleasant and satisfactory purchase from us, should you still have any question, etc., please always feel free to contact us at your early convenience.

Best Regards,

Luke Huang