Coupon of USD10 for new account! Check for more discount coupons available!


We are currently providing the following coupon codes for our valued customers, our coupon codes will enable you to have your order value to be deducted directly when you key in our coupon code at the time you need to check out from your shopping cart:

If you are the new customer, you can use the coupon code of 16889 with reduction of USD10 for your first order from us, if you can order up USD100 in your first order, we would like to give you credit of USD30 in your account which you can use it in your next order.

This policy only applies to the new account and first order over USD100.

We hope you enjoy your first new shopping from our website, meanwhile, please note this coupon will be valid till May 31, 2022, for all the first time customers, please take your action to purchase the item you like and prefer before May 31, 2022

We will also offer you the coupon code of 26888 when your order is over USD200 which will grant you the deduction of USD20.

If your order is over USD300, you can use our coupon code of 15688 which will grant you the deduction of USD30.

If your order is over USD500, you can enjoy the deep discount of reduction of USD50 with our coupon code of 17988.

If your order is over USD1000, you can enjoy the deep discount of of reduction of USD100 with our coupon code of 19888

Please note all the above coupons will be valid till May 31, 2022, we will probably renew the coupons with different reductions after May 31, 2022 so you better take your action to buy up the items you need before May 31, 2022.

As for our existing valued registered customers, if you are happy with our products and service and would like to recommend our products to other potential customers, we would appreciate it very much for your recommendation, we also would like to give you a coupon for every new customer you can help to bring to us and for every new order you can help to generate for us, as a reward for your recommendation, we would like to give you coupon to show our appreciation, a coupon of USD10 reduction will be given to you for your next new reorder, if the customer you bring to us will place on us with order over USD200, we can further give one more coupon of USD10 reduction for your next new reorder, in case their order is over USD500, we will give you extra additonal coupon of USD20 plus the original coupon of USD10 with total up to USD30 for your next new reorder, we encourage more of our customers to recommend and bring more new customers to order from us, we hope to have more people to to use our camppal series products for their outdoor camping and adventures, and we are dedicated to provide more better products with more better money value for more outdoor fans, lovers, campers and adventurers to enjoy and have more outdoor fun.

We do hope you have a pleasant shopping from our webstore, we will continue to provide different coupon codes for your orders, as you can see the more you order from us, the more benefits and deeper discount you will get from us, please just keep coming back to check and see what we have to offer you from time to time.

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