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About Camppal

About Camppal - FAQ

  1. Why do we always keep stressing on the craftsman spirit and try to focus on emphasizing on our quality & craftsmanship?

    We firmly believe in the craftsman spirit, we always keep improving and perfecting our products with the best quality and workmanship for our valued customers world widely , we believe that if we can bring the real added value for our customers with our products and services, we can make ... Read more

  2. I need to know a bit about your business profile, please show more relevant information about your business

    In fact, you can check it out easily from our website by yourself, if you do need to know more further details about us, you can visit our blog at:

  3. The outdoor market is full of various kinds of products and brands. Why do you still need Camppal? & How Camppal differentiate from the others?

    As a professional tent manufacturer and branded seller, we know very well that the market is already full of various kinds of products and brands, however, what the market lack of is not the product and brand but the kind of product and brand that really can meet the needs of ... Read more

  4. Why Camppal? What are the benefits you can get from Camppal & advantages we have over the competitions

    The reasons for you to buy from Camppal and benefits you can get from Camppal are detailed as follow:

    1. We have been in outdoor business with more than 17 years long since the year of 2004, and our factory is located in the south China port city which has the longest ... Read more

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