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Price, Order, Payment/Shipment, Assurance, Custom Order

Price, Order, Payment/Shipment, Assurance, Custom Order - FAQ

  1. If I order any tent or gear from your webstore. How could you guarantee that I will get the tent and gear I order as described in your website with good quality and the item will be delivered to me in a timely manner?

    Yes, we can just reassure you that you will have the tent and gear you order from us in good condition as listed and described in our webstore, as we have the big stock available both from our China factory and US warehouse, we can ship out your order immediately as ... Read more

  2. I want a tent to be custom make as per my own specification and requirement. Can you do the custom order for me?
    Yes, we can custom tailor make it as per your specification and requirement, we can accept any custom order even with private label.
  3. If I can't come up to your listed price, Is there the best offer or counter-offer available?

    Yes, if you can't come up to our listed price, you are still welcome to submit your best price, we will see if we can meet your price, even not, we will also give you the best price we could offer to you, please just always feel free to contact us ... Read more

  4. I need to buy a tent, but, I need to consult with you before I place my order on you. Can you help me?

    Yes, we are very happy to offer you the free consultancy, you can always feel free to consult with us prior to your order placement, we want you to make a well informed wise purchase that worth for the money spent on the tent you order from us, in fact, we ... Read more

  5. Can you stand behind the product you sell even after the sales and honor to your promise to resolve any problem if it happens?

    Yes, we always stand behind any product we sell from our webstore, and it's for sure that we will always honor to keep our promise to resolve any problem if it happens, you can just be rest assured of this to buy any item from us with confidence and ease, anyway, ... Read more

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