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Website construction system, browsing, hosting and security

Website construction system, browsing, hosting and security - FAQ

  1. Does your website fit for the smart phone browsing?

    Yes, we have specially designed our website with H5 which fits for browsing in your smart phone conveniently, our website is not only just one click away from your computer but also accessible at your finger tip right in your smart phone which is especially convenient for the mobile browsing and ... Read more

  2. What's the system to build your website? Is it securer, fully responsive and interactive?

    Our website is built with Magento Open Source system, it is securer and fully responsive and interactive, it is also hosted in the US web server for the faster and smoother browsing for the international website visitor.

  3. Is your website and webstore secured and encrypted with https?

    Yes, the website security is our top priotiy concern, as you can see from your browser that our website is presented to you as shown in your browser with, this means it is securer and you can just enjoy the safe shopping from our website and webstore, as you know ... Read more

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