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Invest on Camppal

Camppal was born and created for the outdoor fans, lovers, campers, hikers, adventurers, we strive to offer our high quality products and service with the best money value for the customer worldwidely, so far, we have invested all we have not only the hundreds thousands of dollars but also all our valuable resources, time and every effort we make on this platform, in order to keep up the sustainable business growth, we seek the international investment from all over the world to build this open interactive global platform for the great outdoor business, if you are interested in investing us to build up this open interactive global platform for all the outdoor enthusiast, fans, lovers, campers, adventurers, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast, fan, lover, camper, adventurer, you are most welcome to join us to build this platform for all of us to have more fun and enjoy more benefits togetherwe hope everyone could support us by crowd funding so that we can build this platform for all of us who all love the outdoor camping and outdoor business, if we can do what we love and love what we do. Why not do it all together to have more fun to achieve more successes. Let’s make it works to enjoy a happy outdoor camping and successful great outdoor business together.

We are trying to build an open interactive, engaging and interesting platform for all the outdoor enthusiasts, fans, lovers, campers, hikers, adverturers and anyone who is interested in the outoor camping worldwidely, we believe this would be a very great outdoor business project focus on the outdoor field with big market potential and promising future, backed with our past 17 years long history in the field of designing, developing and manufacturing for the camping tents and camping equipments, we are transforming ourselves into an integrator, marketer and platform operator,  we are trying to integrate everything and all the resources we have to build it up as a global outdoor platform under our global outdoor brandname of Camppal, our products range will begin with the camping tents which we are specialized in and continue to expand to the full range of outdoor gears to build an one stop online shopping mall for all the outdoor end users around the world, we are connecting with the outdoor gear supplier and outdoor end customer via our platform, we are dedicated to make our gloabal platform as an ecosystem for all the relevant parties from the supplier to the end user in the global outdoor market, if you are a serious investor or financial company or investment company who would like to invest on Camppal and our platform to further grow this great outdoor business, please just contact the sole founder, owner and director Mr. Luke Huang directly at his email: Backed with the near 30 years long actual international trading business experience and 15 years long outdoor business experiences, we believe that we should be able to develop a very promising great outdoor business, we are looking for the really serious people and companies who are interested in investing and working with us to achieve more and more commerical successes.

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